While I Was Out

All’s been quiet on the blog front for me. I took ten-day family vacation to the Rocky Mountains, and I’m feeling very refreshed (if a bit stressed) now that I’m back. The mountains were beautiful and there was so much delicious wine.

tyrion wine gif

But a week without any real responsibilities means that my mind has been on overdrive, thinking mostly about my romantic and sexual health.

My mom and aunt are convinced I have a thing for The Professor, a guy who I’ve known for several years and have a great friendship with but no inclination to date or sleep with. He also has a wonderful girlfriend who I think is about as perfect for him as any girl could get. But I spend a lot of time out with him, so I have a lot of stories about him. I don’t know why my mom, who knows I hang out with him, decided that while I was inebriated on a family vacation was the time to tell me that I’m secretly in love with a guy who is one of my best friends.

In case you were wondering, I’m not.

But I can get over it because, you know, I know how I feel and that I am not into him in that way.

I have the unfortunate situation of having two guy friends with the same name (okay, there are two sets of these, really, but those aren’t that hard to keep apart). In question would be The Colleague who hangs out regularly with me and The Professor, and The Cop. So it was not fun trying to explain to my family that, no I don’t have a thing for the The Colleague or The Professor and then start talking about someone with the exact same name as The Colleague. I guess I easily could have just used these nicknames to discuss them.

I did not.

Instead, I decided to creepily stalk The Cop’s facebook photos and show his (very sexy) shirtless photos to my aunt and uncle.

And then tell him about it.

Because, you know, that’s something totally logical. And normal. And not at all weird.

Anyway, I flirt-texted with The Cop pretty much every night while I was away, and that was fun. I really enjoy talking with him, so I hope we’ll get to hang out again soon now that I’m back in town. That might be a little hard because his work schedule sucks (overnights, ugh!), but I think it would be worth it.

So, yeah, I’ve been thinking about The Cop an awful lot. And, of course, I’m seeing an awful lot of violence toward cops in the news. Maybe I’m just seeing it now that I actually know someone in the profession or maybe it’s actually escalating in our area, I don’t really know. But I’m seeing it more and it gives me this sinking feeling that that could be him. And that has to be the scariest part of knowing someone (no matter the kind of relationship you have with them) whose involved in the police, military, or fire departments. Ugh!

I also got a pretty stellar message on OkC that I’ll leave you with because I don’t even have the words to describe my reaction. Enjoy!

okcupid screenshotOkay. . . that does sound kinda hot.

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