WIP: Meet Adrina (and Zack!)

I’ve been writing a lot lately about my own life. Getting back into dating (even if only casually) gives me more inspiration for the romance novel I’m currently working on. It’s been a while since I’ve really done any work on it, and I think it’s time that I really sit down and think about the plot. I have several ideas about what I want to happen, but the place I was in when I started working on this is very different than I’m feeling now. And my personal experiences always influence what happens in what I’m writing.

Instead of making this WIP reality thinly-veiled as fiction, though, I’d like to think about my characters and what they would really want, need, and do. Sure, I agree that there’s a little bit of the author in every character that s/he writes, regardless of who that author is. So even my antagonists will have little pieces of me in them. However, I really want my plot to be driven by who these particular characters are, so in order to work out that plot, I really need to know who my characters are, what they want, and how they would react in given situations.

Today, I’m going to start with Adrina Ditzler, the heroine of my story (which is lovingly saved as “fucking story bro” until I have a more appropriate title).

Adrina sees herself as average, but she is really anything but. At 32, Adrina is a up to become partner at a popular advertising firm where she has quickly moved through the ranks since she was first hired. Standing in at 5’5″, Adrina is slender but not necessarily fit. She has long, dark and hazel eyes that she disguises with purple contact lenses.

Adrina thinks she is happily single, but throughout the story she begins to realize she is only happy and single. She still hasn’t moved on from her high school sweetheart cheating on her, even though it has been six years since they broke up. The problem is that Leo was the only guy she’d ever dated, from 16 to 26, and she can’t forgive herself for not seeing the devolution of their relationship sooner.

Because Adrina has thrown herself into work, she’s not sure what she wants outside of her upcoming promotion. And she’s not willing to let anything stand in her way of becoming partner at Trevor-Taylor-and-Andrews, making her both the youngest and first female partner at the firm. So when she starts to see her coworker, the puppy-like Zack Matthews, as potentially more than just a guy she bosses around at the office, Adrina’s commitment issues and workaholic nature cause her to run in the opposite direction.

Zack, on the other hand, has been crazy for Adrina since he started work at Trevor-Taylor-and-Andrews, but recognizes that she is off-limits as she is the boss. At 26 and 6′ tall, Zack is the most attractive guy in the office, but he unfortunately gets stuck working with his own horrible ex, who happens to be the granddaughter of one of the firm’s late founders. At first sight, one might see Zack as an alpha-male, but he’s really the type of guy who likes to be told what to do and rewarded for doing it well. While this character trait can land him a lot of ladies, it also leads to a lot of manipulation because he confuses bending over backwards for women with being a good boyfriend.

Zack and Adrina may not seem particularly suited for each on the surface, but the have a friendly and natural rhythm that makes them excellent partners at work. Can this rhythm lead them from being coworkers with sexual tension to something more, or will Adrina’s will to succeed in the workplace get in the way? Adrina grew up believing she could really have it all, but will the self-perceived damage from her relationship with Leo prevent her from being a strong woman in her personal life and not just in her work life?

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