Bye-Bye, July

My life continues to get more and more complicated, even though things are going well in basically all aspects.

The Cop is officially away. We chatted a bit the few days before he left while he was out of town, but other than that I have been cut off. I did some Facebook stalking that I’m not proud of, mostly because it wasn’t so much of him but of girls who were tagged with him in recent photos. From a 5k. Because I am totally insane.

It was fruitless stalking, of course. I also had a cryptic conversation about The Cop with a mutual friend. It was good because I was making some pretty passive aggressive comments about men/dating/his friends. I know he found it funny because we used to have these conversations in high school. I’m mostly still happy that I refrained from ever texting him and asking if The Cop was interested in anyone. So now our mutual friend knows, but oh well? He would have figured it out eventually on his own anyway.

So it’s a bummer that The Cop is gone, but I will live. Because I have plenty to keep me busy/entertained.

Including two new guys. Okay–one of them is new and one of them is not but he has suddenly resurfaced in my life.

First, there is this guy I met online. I think I mentioned him in my last post. He works at the same place I do, and we have exchanged friendly and interesting messages. He’s out of town until school starts again, but I’m looking forward to meeting him eventually. He seems very cool, he asks about my day/activities/things that I’ve mentioned in previous conversation.

He’s a total tech head (should we call him The Tech Head? I think yes), but he doesn’t seem to mind that I don’t understand 3D printers. He actually tried to explain how they work to me but I just don’t “get” it. According to our OKCupid profiles we should get along pretty well, and we seem to have good conversation, but my total lack of understanding of his academic discipline may get in the way of that. Then again, he also apologized for his poor writing, and I’m still texting him even though he’s committed a couple of my biggest writing pet peeves.

annoyed gif

Second, there is this guy I used to work with. We went to undergrad together and worked together for about a year. We used to hang out on occasion, and I once actually told a few friends that if he were single, I would totally date him. But that never happened, and I ventured away for grad school and he ventured away for work.

And then we both came back home. We met up for an impromptu coffee date after work last week, and ended up catching up for almost three hours about where we’ve been, what we’ve done, and how life has brought us back to a place neither of us necessarily expected to return to.

Then, earlier this week, he invited me out to see another former coworker perform at a local bar. It became a coworker reunion because a couple of friends we worked with also came along. We talked and flirted for most of the night, then he called me “bud” when he hugged me goodbye. The analyst in me was confused, especially because there was a lot of arm touching and laughing previously. He also had agreed to come out with me the next night, too, so it seemed like he was interested.

I later learned he had asked one of our friends if I was seeing anyone, and my BFF told me last night she and her husband use “bud” as a term of endearment. I still don’t know about that last one.

Anyway, night two of hanging out with past coworkers was again filled with a lot of flirting–from The Traveling Progressive (which is what I’ll call this guy, I think), AND The Unexpected Italian (who was of course out because he is every week and who was celebrating his birthday). The Traveling Progressive and I did a lot of dancing to some good and some horrible karaoke versions of danceable songs. We talked quite a bit, and I nonchalantly pulled up his pant leg because why the fuck was he wearing cowboy boots? I needed confirmation that they were, in fact, cowboy boots–something that, as far as memory serves me, is not anything I would expect this guy to wear. I informed him that his time in the west had changed him, and he said that they were made out of alligator or crocodile or something exotic and I just shook my head and said “but they’re cowboy boots.”

When we left for the night, he informed me we were having a platonic hug.

wtf gif

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2 thoughts on “Bye-Bye, July

  1. Becca says:

    Haha, it’s just so easy to have a quick nose, isn’t it? :X The internet is a great and terrible thing.

    I think it’s fine if you don’t really understand all the Tech Head’s techy stuff as long as you can connect in other areas 🙂 You’ve shown an interest in it and made an effort to understand at least! Maybe you’d understand better if he showed you.

    The other guy sounds confusing – the platonic comment seems odd after 2 evenings of flirting. Perhaps he was just butthurt that you weren’t massively enamoured with his cowboy boots :’)

    • Yeah—there’s definitely more to come on the platonic guy and it is infinitely less confusing. 🙂 I’m not getting any better at not internet stalking, but oh well. It happens!

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