Platonic, or Not Platonic? That is the Question

So, I recently started talking about The Traveling Progressive, who I’ve known for a while. He keeps throwing down these strange comments that basically make me think he would rather be friends even with all the flirting that happens when we’re out.

flirting gif

So, after he gave me a platonic hug on Tuesday night, I asked him to let me know when he got home. My friend J and I went to MacDo, ordered some burgers, and went home, with me bitching all the while about how does he ask our friend if I’m seeing anyone and then pull this platonic shit?

Shortly after we get home, I get a facebook message letting me know that The Traveling Progressive has, in fact, arrived home safely:

TTP: I’m home. And listening to Phish. You two make it in?

ZZ: Just got in. Glad you made it. Platonically.

TTP: <insert image that says “Oh you.”>

ZZ: #whosaysthat? #youdontgetthegoodhugs

TTP: and if I was interested in the good hugs?

ZZ: Are you??

TTP: #yes

ZZ: #donttakethemoffthetablethen

Because, yes I sometimes communicate in hashtags because that a totally normal thing that people sometimes do.

After a few more exchanges, The Traveling Progressive finally came out with it by saying that he’d “like to pursue a less platonic state of relation.”

So. There’s that. This is a thing.

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