Weekends with TTP

You might remember that, back in August, I flew off the radar when I started dating this guy, this wonderful guy: The Traveling Progressive.

Then in January or February, I posted that TTP was moving. Not far–only about three hours away–but that’s about 200 miles and one time change. Ugh.

Now it is April, and somehow I realize that we’ve already successfully made it two full months of long-distance relationship.

It is wonderful; it is terrible. It is heartbreaking, and it warms every inch of me.

TTP and I sort of just fell into a relationship. Even though we didn’t start dating until recently, we were basically living together when he moved to take a new job two states away. Of course, I have my job here (which I love and, frankly, could not leave in the middle of the semester), and even though we basically lived together we were not in uproot-my-life-and-move-together serious. Long distance was our only possibility for now. And that is a scary, scary possibility.

My only other long distance relationship was with The Grad School Boyfriend, and let’s just say that didn’t set a good precedent for me. But my relationship with TTP is very different (and much more trusting), so I knew it would go a lot better even if I was suffering from some serious paranoia.


“Love” by Ana Sofia Guerreirinho on Flickr.

This has certainly been no easy feat, and there are definitely some downfalls to dating long-distance, across time zones. . . especially when touch is something that’s really important to your expression of love and romance. But there are definitely some perks:

  1. Lots of time to listen to music, podcats, books on tape, etc. while traveling. I’m a big fan of Welcome to Nightvale and I have recently gotten into a ridiculous podcast called The Worst Idea of All Time. And, I love being able to type in a Pandora station and get ad-free listening while I drive.
  2. Amazing food. Although both of us are now trying to save money, our first few weekends staying at his new place were practically like being on vacation. There are definitely still new places for us to check out, and we’re looking forward to the warmer weather making it easier to explore the area.
  3. More reasons to take pictures. TTP and I have not really been a photo-happy couple. There are some really awesome pictures of us, but we don’t take them regularly. Now that we don’t see each other every day, we take a few more pictures.
  4. Amazing sex. It’s not that sex before TTP’s move was lackluster in any way. But now we get it a lot less frequently, and that makes it a lot hotter.
  5. The way it feels to be in each other’s arms after a long week. I used to be excited to come home after a long day and see TTP, but that doesn’t compare to that first hug when he gets in or I arrive at his place. It’s like putting on my favorite sweater or wrapping myself up in the comfiest blanket I’ve had for years. Nothing, nothing compares to that feeling.

Of course, all these perks would totally NOT outweigh actually being there with him, all the time. But it can’t hurt for now to relish in these tiny positives.

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