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Coffee and the Cop

When The Cop and I had lunch forever a go (okay, maybe a month?), our time ended with my whining about not getting to have a turtle mocha from my favorite coffee shop because my friends had suddenly decided we needed to meet elsewhere. When we parted ways, I told The Cop we’d have to get a turtle mocha soon because he’d never even heard of one. He’d never even had a chocolate turtle.

I just can’t imagine a life without a chocolate turtle.

So, I finally texted him last week to say that we should get together for a turtle mocha. So we did. Today. Which was his next day off.

His next day off which was totally packed full of other shit to do, and he still found time to hang out with me for an hour at a coffee shop. Continue reading

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When Did He Get Hot?

So, I recently met up with a friend from high school. We’re friends on Facebook, so I’ve seen the transformation he’s gone through over the past few years.

But seeing it in pictures and seeing it in real life are two very different things.


That’s all I have to say (but of course, I will say more).

This guy–we’ll call him The Cop because (a) that’s what he is and (b) that’s a fun name–and I were involved in some activities together, and he was always such a charming goofball. But in high school I was infatuated with this older asshole, so I never really paid much attention to the guys around me romantically (and the only time I did, it was a huge ordeal). So even though I always thought he was a cutie, I never looked at him as more than a friend.

But man. MAN. Oh. My. God.

I have a thing for arms. I know this about myself. And from the FB photos, I knew that The Cop has the most delicious arms.

So delicious, in fact, that they definitely distracted me from my meal a couple of times.

We had a wonderful conversation at a lunch, complete with two of my top flirting signals: playing with my hair and laughing while touching the side of my nose. I didn’t go to lunch thinking about flirting with him, but I’m pretty sure it happened.

When we finally parted ways, there was an amazing hug with what felt like a little shoulder caress and maybe that was intentional and maybe it wasn’t but clearly I am still thinking about that.

Now, I’ve spent the last two days wondering when The Cop became a date-able human. This is not to imply he was not date-able before, simply that now he is on my radar as someone who I would potentially find myself interested in dating.


And am I shallow? Does it make me shallow that now I’m finding him attractive? Or did I always flirt with him and just never know it before?

We were texting today, and I actually became horribly flustered at one point. Like, so much that I not only couldn’t respond to him, but I couldn’t participate in my conversation with my BFF and I couldn’t remember what I was looking for at the store. I still am not sure I’m totally over it:

When you misbehave I’ll make the orders, if I’m a student of yours you can order me around ;)”

Oh. My. God.

Now, the overly-analytical part of me is like “maybe that’s totally innocent” but the rest of me is like “yes, please, let’s discuss these scenarios.”

And so this a thing and I should probably work on not thinking about it.

Smith & Wesson Handcuffs

But we all know this is what I’m thinking about.

(Handcuff image from Fllickr user The.Comedian, used under Creative Commons license.)

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