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Match.com: Worth It?

So, I went away for a couple of days. I had a great trip out of town with my BFF.

Both my OkCupid and Tinder apps updated my location (silly GPS!) and I started getting a lot of profile views from people who are a 3-hour drive away from where I live. I didn’t get on Tinder to check out any potential matches. That was either a great decision or silly one, because maybe my ideal guy is actually there and now I’ll never know? Continue reading

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Cheaters to the Left, Please

Maybe it’s just living in this particular area, but I feel like my return to online dating has been pretty lackluster.

I’ve been messaging/chatting with a few guys on OKCupid that seem pretty cool. I’ve given Tinder a try, but I really don’t know how I feel about it. It seems pretty shallow and like an awful lot of guess work. Plus, I think a lot of people are looking to find casual sex there and nothing really more. It’s evident.

My favorite, though, is this guy I’ve spent the past couple of days talking with. He seemed like a nice guy; we joked a lot and actually had a lot of common interests.

Too bad he is married.

And by “too bad,” I mean, “wtf?”

Okay. Like, it’s cool if you want to cheat on your wife, if you have an open relationship, whatever. But it’s weird when someone doesn’t really try to hide it yet never mentions it.

And if he’s been spending all this time over the last couple of days talking to me, where is his wife? Somewhere else? Sitting across the room from him? Sleeping in their bed while his eyes are glued to his smart phone?

But that’s whatever. I stopped messaging him mostly out of annoyance, his nonchalant attitude about being married and on a dating/sex finding app, actively pursuing other women.

And I’m annoyed because he was nice, easy to talk to, and someone I would totally be friends with. . .where were the red flags? Where was the skeezeball attitude?

And is there really just no hope for dating for me? Sometimes dating just feels like choosing the least douchey of the douchebags available to you at that particular moment. Ugh.

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