Who’s Who?

I write about a lot of real-life people using pseudonyms to protect the not-so-innocent. Feeling lost? Look here to help. 🙂 — Z

Dr. Politics lives just under 1,000 miles away. I totally dig him when we talk, and we’ve almost hooked up a couple of times, but there’s always been something that keeps me from sealing the deal and pursuing a relationship with him. He’s smart, feminist, and driven, so I’m not sure what the hold up is.

The Best Boyfriend I Never Had is a former FWB of just under a year, although he is also one of the most supportive and caring guys I know.

The Best Friend’s Cousin was a one-night stand after a Fourth of July spent in my best friend’s hot tub.

The Cheater is the one ex I want totally out of my life that just won’t go away. We dated off-and-on (and slept together) for four years starting when I was 16. It was as toxic a relationship as you can get.

The Colleague is not a potential suitor, but one of my best friends. I love him!

The Cop is a friend from high school who is suddenly back in my life.

The Ex-Fiance was the love of my life until we got engaged, and he became a controlling and manipulative individual hell-bent on changing me into who he wanted me to become. He is now dating that woman.

The First is, perhaps obviously, the first guy I ever slept with. He was also my first genuine love. I don’t think we were meant to be, but I can’t help but wonder if part of me will always be with him.

The Girlfriend is the only woman I’ve ever dated. She is also the most masculine person I’ve ever dated.

The Grad School Boyfriend is my most recent ex, who actually did quite the number on my psyche. We dated throughout our master’s program, and it was hard when it ended, but I know it was for the better.

The Matchbox is the guy I dated in high school, the first guy I “fooled around” with. His nickname comes from the cars, but not because he collects them.

The Professor is another non-potential-suitor who I spend a lot of time with.

The Talker was a very friendly one-night stand. We stayed in touch a bit after, but nothing more has come of this.

The Tech Head works elsewhere on campus. I don’t know him well yet, but he’s fun to talk to!

The Traveling Progressive is a former coworker I always thought about dating, but who was never available when I was. Until now.

The Unexpected Italian is a friend with whom I’ve slept. He’s younger and not anything like I would ever date, but that’s why it could be a good thing? Maybe?

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