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7 Realities That Challenge What You Think You Know About Dating

Isn’t this the truth? So many things that I need to listen to and follow through with! ❤ ❤

Thought Catalog

1. Rules are rules because we believe they’re rules.

The three-day calling rule; the idea that whoever texts first is the one capitulating and loses power; the whole concept of the “chase” — whatever your signature move is, it’s something you ascribe to because someone somewhere decided it should be code. And then it was.

If you like someone, just text them. Don’t wait for an arbitrary time, or for them to text you first so you feel wanted. You’re only baiting yourself when you do this, and not them; chances are good they’re too wrapped up in their fear of rejection to actually notice when someone else is also floundering through the games and nonsense. If you think it’s bogus that you should wait to let someone know you’re into them, then don’t ascribe to it. Tell them. Scarier, yes, but more honest to what you’re feeling — and that’s what…

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