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Things We Can Learn from Reality TV

I often get mocked for my trash-TV fixation. I just can’t help it! I love really horrible reality (and not-so-reality) TV shows, from cooking contests like Chopped or Cutthroat Kitchen to those that follow people attempting to grow and change like My Strange Addiction to the ever-popular relationship-based shows like Southern Charm and Bridezillas. I don’t care how sensationalized some of these shows are, I love them.

Lately, I have been hooked on Marriage Boot Camp. My mom and I watch it all the time, much to my father’s chagrin. He sleeps through it and sometimes even outrightly makes fun of us (read: me) for tearing up during the show.

The thing is, I feel like I’m learning a lot about relationships and how to make them healthy just by watching Mai-Lee, Tomas, Blanca, Julian, Gloria, Mark, Sofia, Shaun, Tasha, and Jeff try to navigate their feelings, failings, and futures with Jim, Elizabeth, and interchangeable co-director set #2 (okay, these guys are cute but I can’t remember their names and, like the ones on Season 1, they serve limited functions and are totally replaceable, so. . .sorry?).

I didn’t get into MBC until season 2 started, really, so I’ve recently binge-watched the first season, as well. My mom and I spend a lot of time talking about what we can actually learn and take-away to our own relationships. Some of their advice is definitely very partner-based (like how to make sex happen), while other parts are more centered on an individual and can help viewers to improve themselves regardless of whether they are in a relationship.

Forgiveness. Image from Krexy.com, used under Creative Commons license.

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